What I Would Say...

Stinky toes…sticky kisses…runny noses…

Where does this deep love come from? What is it all about? Is it just God saying, “this is how I love you…when your silly…when your rotten…when your sad or mad or scared…when you have a boo-boo…or need some cuddle time…my love for you is as deep as the ocean’s depths. I love you, you crazy stinky-toed girl!”

I think that must be it, for this love for you swells up and over me in great big ole’ waves of slobbery kisses & cuddle hugs...

What I would say to you Sophie is to never quit looking at this world with imagination. Fill your world up to the brim with it…let it spill over and spark other’s creativity. Never quit being a helper, a giver, a caring spirit. Always give me “lean into” hugs & even ask me a million questions. Always be the big sister. Always take time for yourself. Always reason & think things through. Always allow that big girl heart to guide those beautiful arms and legs. For you are so beautiful. You are a beautiful story written by the very hand of God. He has given you your imagination, your caring heart, and your beautiful face. I am thankful that He has allowed me to love you. I am thankful that I got one on one time with you on your birthday. You are breathtaking.

What I would say to you Aiden is never quit looking at this world with wonder…never quit trying to figure it all out. Always say what is on your heart. Always be a loving big brother (& younger brother). Keep that old spirit about you that says things like,

“Ms. Melissa how many people are in your car?
There are two, Aiden?
No, Ms. Melissa there are three?
Who is the third Aiden?
Duh, Ms. Melissa you only learn about Him every Sunday.

Always want to give me “huggies”. I love that we like the same things. I so enjoy talking to you about scary things, movies, and books. Always stay quiet and reflective. Always say what you mean & correct us when we don’t get it quite right. Always dream big. I pray your heart will always love Jesus. I pray that you will always be caring and compassionate. I am so thankful God said, “love that boy!” I do Aiden, I really really do.

What I would say to you “H” is that you are a beautiful princess that God and Ms. Melissa love very very much. Never quit wanting to give me a hug and a kiss & saying, “I love you” back to me. I will always want snuggle time with you. Never quit using that amazingly intelligent brain of yours. Never quit thinking you are a princess. Let that big ole’ loving heart pour out on everyone you meet & allow that creative imagination to take you to far distant wonderful lands. Dream big my sweet little girl…for your dreams can come true. Always share your feelings…do not be afraid. Know that God and I love you to the moon and back. You are beautiful, and smart, and I’m so proud of you. You will always be my little “Haley Bug”.

What I would say to you Wyatt is I will always “need you” & “want to hold you”. You are one of the smartest 3 year olds I know. Always believe, as you told me the other day, that “Jesus is God!” Always have a tender heart for others…always feel deeply. Your deeply caring heart is going to take you so far my sweet little man. Always be strong willed…even though Ms. Isa (btw always call me Ms. Isa) sometimes doesn’t like it. Always ask questions & try to figure this life out. The world is open to you my little man. There is no stopping you now. I am so proud of who God has created in you. You are my little miracle boy. I love you to “infinity & beyond” my little buzz light year…aka Turkey Looper…aka Wyatt Benjamin Scalf…aka Snuggle Bunny!

What I would say to you “S” is that you are my little man. I got to see your “firsts” & only you could make me sit and cry right along with you after you had your teeth taken out. You move my heart. You are “my boy”. I love your snuggly hugs and soft kisses. I love your tender spirit & my prayer is that you will use that in helping others. Your screams of joy are a resounding echo of celebration in the halls of Heaven. When you are happy the world is a little bit brighter. I love your surprised face. I love when you stroke Baby R’s hand. Your joy is truly infectious. I am so glad God has seen fit that I am to love you…He loves you too…always remember that my Hoboken boy.

What I would say to you “Baby R”…you are the promise…the promise of the good things of God. I love your sweet smelling head. I love your chubby cheeks. Sometimes I sit and gaze at your sleepy head & just think, “isn’t God good.” God has rocked my world with you…like only He can. You will always be loved, you will always be wanted…I am thankful that God saw fit to make us stewards of you…you are my sweet baby girl.

What I would say to Dave & Amy…why God saw fit for me to be able to love your family is beyond me…I’m sitting here crying while I’m writing this. I love your children. I am so thankful that you have unselfishly allowed me to love them like my own. They fill my life with such JOY! I cannot imagine my life without them. My life has turned out far different than I thought, but it is far richer for having the Scalf family in it. I love each of you deeply.

What I would say to the rest of you…I am blessed to do life with each of you. I am blessed by those that choose to come into my little world and read the words of a simpleton like me. I wish I could properly express my love to each of you. I had written about the kids a little over a year ago. I had planned to do the same here, but instead chose to write little letters to each of the kids. If you want to go back and read what I wrote a year ago, here is the link…it is amazing that Wy wasn’t even talking yet.

What I would say to God…thank you for loving me the way you do…for taking me on this wild unbelievable journey. For placing people in my life that are concerned for the deeper things of this world. I wouldn’t take nothin’ for my journey now.


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