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First written 3/6/09

I love me some Jason Mraz. His witty intelligent way of engaging the world. I love to read his blog. Intelligence is sexy. He has it in great abundance.

I actually had to quell my heart quivers & face blushes for a time by NOT reading his blog :).

On the more important side of things, he always compels me to write - big fat rich ideas flood to the surface. I grab my worn edged journal & begin quickly transcribing my flying thoughts on paper.

In no way do I want to transplant his thoughts into my blog, nor do I believe I can interpret them. I would like to share some of the ideas he gave, to the best of my meager ability, & expound on my own.

THIS IS MY BLOG! (Mwahahahahahaha! - maniacal laughing is long & gives you hand cramps! - if of course, you transcribed this in your journal & then transferred it to your blog :)

Mr. Mraz is very prolific & I envision him being much like myself - not being able to expel his thoughts as quickly as he can think them.

He made some very interesting points about love - WE SHOULD BE IT! (He was determined to do it, no more excuses!)

In love with nature, he talked about planting a seed & impacting the physical/natural world with our deed long after we were gone. He relishes in the beauty of nature - finding comfort and solace in the spiritual.

He explained that on a fateful New Year's Eve he went to spend some time with nature & himself. He was searching for a sign to know he was on the right path & was granted a shooting star. He also talked about a breathtaking moon being the reflecting/refracting light off of frozen ice particles.

He shared his feelings on humanity & how he felt we were all interlinked. We didn't cause our heart to beat or a child to be formed & shaped. All of us are deeply connected; sharing in each others pains, struggles, joys, & peace. What we do effects others both positively and negatively! WHAT WE DO MATTERS!

My mind was both racing & jumbled. We come at this thing differently. He, a spiritual man. I, a christian woman. Where he sees reflected light off ice particles I see God's masterpiece taking shape (for He placed the crystals there & caused the light to shine).

We absolutely should be love, share love, explore love, expound on love. I serve the Author of Love - God Almighty! The very definition of the art of love. He is the manifestation of all that action entails & so much more. It is neither binding or restrictive & does not come in a religious formula. In its truest form, just being lived out, it is both intoxicating & settling!

Planting a seed, what we all can do? God called us to be the watch care of the Earth. We can also plant soul seeds - nourishing & preserving another life with hope & grace! We can deepen & strengthen our roots in His soil!

A shooting star - God showing off & giving a young man great hope for the coming year! God is the ULTIMATE artist & the most incredible naturalist. He loves infusing His breath into every atom & particle. Nature displays His glory not matter how we look at it!

Truth, we don't cause our heart to beat or create life. We do not fill our lungs with air. It is all a GREAT BIG BEAUTIFUL GIFT! God is an abundant abundant Lover!

He is not closed minded or cold-hearted. His path, while it may be hard to find, is open & winding. It is a great & wondrous mystery. A mystery that is beautiful, scary, delicious, full, rich, overpowering, &...completely worth it!

I am so thankful for this artist. He brings a little smile to my soul. I sent Jason a little thank you & hopefully a little encouragement. Love is a great thing to share. I'm not holding back, no more excuses...

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