What does surrender look like?

Written 9/9/07

So, I say that it is about surrender or the "art of surrender", but I'm struggling with the "how"...

What does it really mean to surrender my ALL to God?

I think first we need to recognize the character of God. My pastor has been talking a lot about God's justice. It is nice to be familiar with God, but do we sacrifice reverent fear for comfortable familiarity? When we say things like "God's my bro", "the big man in the sky", "Jesus is my homeboy" it cheapens the very essence of who the Divine is.

He is HOLY - set apart - other!

It is great to liken God to your husband, which is the status I find most familiar for myself. However, He is also the Lord Almighty, Loving King, Gracious Father, Prince of Peace, Lamb of Judah, Rock of Jesse, All Powerful, All Knowing, All in All...I AM!

He is the same God from Old to New! We cannot embrace the God of the New Testament while dismissing the Old as irrelevant. Jesus is God!

I think we have lost sight of God's justice, sovereignty, power, & majesty. We don't tremble enough because we don't worship the God who is. There is a wide chasm between the God we want & the God who is.

I have been living the "old me" these last several months with very little concern for the consequences. I asked God to reveal Himself to me for who He really was a long time ago. People didn't go up & pat Him on the back & say, "how's it going". When they encountered God they often trembled, glowed, were blinded - face down on the ground, touching the hem of His robe. They obeyed, they marveled, they were left changed. They could not help but proclaim who He was even in mockery.

He has done so much in my life. I often think that much of what I say on "Blogger" & "Facebook" is deceit. How I want what I say to be the actions of my heart?

So, as I travel on this new journey I will ask you...what does surrender look like?

For me, it is Mary Mother of Jesus. She is a true and amazing example of the unquestionable will to follow the Lord. I love her so much because I am so unlike her. She astounds me in her caring for the Son of God. She pondered & kept everything in her heart. She rejoiced in God & doing His will.

Luke 1: 46-55 (http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=luke%201:%2046-55&version=NIV)


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