AGH The Movie, The Second Act!

It seems like a lifetime has passed since Waverly Hills - the etching of that night still strong in my mind. The memory of that wonderful evening will never leave me. I will hold onto it & treasure it as one of those moments in time where you realize you are just along for the ride. This moment is not a result of anything you have done, but a deep privilege – so enjoy it!

I knew so little of AGH. I am so thankful for that now.  I didn’t have the opportunity to go in with any pre-conceived ideas of the movie or the individuals. The experience began as a completely blank canvas which, in the end, was filled with the most complex, rich, colorful painting imaginable.

In the five months since, my personal life has taken some wonderfully unexpected & painfully beautiful turns. The hard decisions, the wounds I caused, the fear of things never getting put back together were, it turns out, rich blessings in disguise. I suddenly understood that I could take hard change & that there is joy in suffering. My life feels a little more solid. I’m starting to grapple with those scary ugly things I would have just shoved back. Heck, I’m writing again, which is pretty amazing in my book.

Initially, I found it extremely difficult to let go of my first AGH Movie event. The feeling it leaves with you is palpable. I was checking Twitter (something I hadn’t done in about six months) on a daily basis, looking for updates online, etc… Yes, I will admit it, I was a wee bit obsessed ;)! As change began to take place in my life the obsession began to slack into an acceptable appreciation, respect, & joy for the AGH crew & most especially the movie.

The American Ghost Hunter Movie is truly one of those definable documentaries that make you feel an experience. As I’ve said numerous times this documentary truly touches on the threads of suffering & hope we all face as humans. If you have read any of the reviews, blogs, or watched any of the video blogs & reviews you will know that I’m not alone.

People are grasping onto this little film with a big message. My hope is that, as it gains popularity, it will give voice to the importance, heart, a validity of the paranormal & paranormal research. It will make other viewers brave to share their story, make a change in their lives, or actually go for that dream that has been with them forever. My prayer is that it will simply make people feel, think, & dialogue together.

I love this film. It is as simple as that.

This Sunday, December 11th, 2012 will be the second & closing act for me & the AGH Movie. I have purposefully distanced myself from the where, what, when, & how of the Winter Tour. I still feel like I’ve done a good job, my part, in promoting the heck out of it when & where I can, but I’m not really checking Twitter or Facebook. I’m not purposefully grasping for information. The reason, well, I want this experience to be new. There is nothing like experiencing the American Ghost Hunter Movie for the first time. I will never be able to recreate that experience. But, I want to go into this experience as I did the first, with no preconceived ideas or notions of how it will be.

I’m extremely excited & humbled to get to see everyone again. I’m also looking forward to meeting new people, because AGH fans are some the coolest & most amazing people out there. I’m stoked that I get to see the film a second time & I pray I will savor the experience. Apart from that I’m getting on the ride. I’m choosing to step my foot up on the moving train, feel the rumble beneath my feet & allow the rush of wind to take my breath way. Sunday evening will have nothing to do with me, but something far greater than myself.

So, it is with great anticipation that I say, draw the curtain, dim the lights, sit back & enjoy...THE AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER THE MOVIE!

After Lexington they will be in:

Cincinnati, OH on the 12th

Fort Wayne, IN on the 13th

Chicago, IL on the 14th

Iowa City, IA on the 15th

Des Moines, IA on the 16th (Indexcase Rocking it out that night!)

Omaha, NE on the 18th

Manhattan, KS on the 19th

& Tulsa, OK on the 20th!

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