It's a Real Fairytale sort of thing...

The soft stirring flutters deep within the corner of my parched soul - a waking feeling as if I have been in a deep sleep for some 30 years. The morning sunlight drips through stoic trees as the gentle wind tickles their tender leaves. The sound rushes quickly & quietly into my ears, filling my body with a tingle of sensation. My eyes blur & focus - catching small fragments of light & color.

I have been waiting; seemingly forcing my eyes to keep shut. It as if I have been spiraling further into the darkness of slumber by the shear force of my will; fear has kept me bound in this six feet of space! But, re-birth takes time. It takes falling into the black, trusting that sure strong hands will catch me - trusting that this journey is dangerous & worth it!

I stretch my stiff limbs, cautiously testing the strength of my legs... first one foot then the other. Steadily. I stand &, though my legs are shaky, I hold. I survey the canopy above. The light dancing on green stirs something deep within me. My eyes prick with tears. My legs shake, struggling to stay upright, as I take my first step. The fear takes over momentarily & my glass casket, the slumber it holds, beacons softly.

I want to retreat, but I take another step - more sure footed this time. With each step I throw aside fear & begin to quicken my pace. In a matter of moments I am running through the woods to the break I see in the distance. Bursting forth, the sunshine warms me down to my marrow. I throw my shoes to the wayside, spinning & twirling, the grass & soil soaking in my toes!

I will not choose death over life again! I will go forward boldly & confidently; writing of the ancient paths, telling of the old ways, creating adventure in my path, & beseeching others to follow. I clap my hands with joy! My soul sings of His promise! The promise of the sun on the horizon!!


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