Monday Break:Shattered (for those left behind)

I wrote this short poem over 10 years ago after the sudden loss of a dear friend! I was struggling with what to say that would bring comfort. I realized nothing would. So I wrote to help me process the loss for myself and those that were closest to him.

If I could I would walk in front of you with the lantern of hope to guide the way and lead you to a place just over the hill where the trees of peace and comfort grow, and say here they are ripe and ready to be picked take as much as you need…

…walk along the streams of joy and drink the cool water of assurance…laughter and happiness are there!

If I could I would walk behind you, picking up the shattered pieces of your heart and with the thread of love stitch it back together with such care that you would barely notice a piece missing.

If I could I would walk beside you…my left hand holding yours, my right hand stretched toward Heaven so you could see him there and whisper I love you!

I would say I'm sorry, but those words would only ring hollow, for I do not understand the grief, I have not borne that cross.

BUT…since I can do none of these things I will lay these shattered pieces at Daddy's feet…


Please help them; I cannot feel their pain. You watched your son die please help them with the loss of their…husband, father, son, brother, friend. He was so much to so many. Let them crawl into your arms. Rock them. Wipe their tears as they cry. Kiss them with your peace and hold them tight. -Amen!

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