24 and Single!

Born: August 27, 1980 at Floyd Hospital in Rome, Georgia
Hair: Brown and Curly (God given perm)
Eyes: Hazel Green
Skin: Porcelien(or pale, whichever suits you, I personally prefer porcelien, which if you noticed I don't know how to spell)w/freckles(cute freckles...I like them)
Age: 24
Education: A Bachelor's of Arts Degree in Telecommunications from the University of Kentucky

A Little Bit About Me...

There are many things that I love to do, among them are reading, writing, taking walks in the woods, nature, sunrises, sunsets, cats, dogs, movies, creativity, spending time with my friends, spending time with my family, laughing, crying, living life. I grew up in the church, and at 13 accepted Christ as my personal Savior. I lived in Rome, Georgia for 18 years of my life and my family and I moved to Kentucky when I was a Freshman in college. I still live at home and every job I've had is in retail. I enjoy my work, but it is not my passion. I am intrigued by photography and want to learn more. I hope to one day have my own production company and create quality family television, but there is a lot more I want to do in my life than just that. I have a genuine heart for people and missions. I love sharing my narrative with people. I have a heart for women especially...edifying them in Christs love. I consider all women fine china, not paper cups, and I feel we should be treated accordingly. I hope to find a man that loves me for who I am, and can accept both my weaknesses and strengths...remember I'm fine china, while striking I can be weak. I love life to the fullest and...

OK! OK! OK! Before anyone takes this to seriously and thinks I'm, well I'm not quite sure what to think of it myself, but I just thought that the Title I chose made it sound like some online dating service so I thought I would play with that...my humor far out reaches the realms of logic...please understand it as a joke...

So, 24 and single, that's me! And you know what I'm comfortable with that. I have no idea why I'm even touching on this subject, obviously someone wasn't to pleased with my Passion and Purity blog, but I'm a lot more calm and feel it important to share a little more personal insight on why I am so Passionate about Purity by simply sharing my story!

Well, I guess with all good stories you need a little history. I was what you might call and ugly duckling, that is just how things were, part of my make-up! I truly believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I do not allow words like "ugly", "fat", "stupid", etc...into my vocabulary or anyone who is around me to utter those words about another creation of God. Just because someone is not attractive to you does not mean that they are not attractive to someone else...anyway I digress...back to my story. I was an ugly duckling, and ridicule from fellow peers, and my inability to find self-worth in myself, really stripped me of a positive identity. It was hard to look at myself in the mirror, to see myself as something other than a mistake. I do not say this to gain anyone's pity, I just state it simply as a truth that God wanted me to experience. Because of the experiences in my life I am a better, more complete person. I also am beginning to grow in my swan feathers, at least in my perception of myself, and in the end God doesn't make junk, and I have to know that for myself. I'm learning to be beautiful!

Bear with me and hopefully I will make some sort of point by the end of this. So, the second thing you need to know about me is that I've never dated. OH MY GOODNESS, NO! While, that may seem shocking or weird to some of you, it is really quite normal for me, and has given me a great peace later on in my life. Now, earlier on in my formative years not dating wasn't because of a lack of trying, OH I WANTED IT...but I know now that God was protecting me from it. When I turned 18 to around 22 years of age I didn't want anything to do with it, I avoided it like the plague. In the last few years I've been praying fervantly that the Lord will send me the helpmate that He has for me through a committed friendship and courtship that will be followed by marriage. I'm a dreamer! I also trust the ultimate Matchmaker for him. I want the best God has to offer, not second best.

So being 24 and single brings a lot of dynamic and depth to my life that I know that I would not have if I had had a string of relationships, that is not the path God had intended me to go on. In spite of never dating, I have become a little jaded by men. I have girlfriends that dated anyone and everyone that asked them out, and I have seen how torn a young women's life can become by the pattern of both physical and emotional commitment to young. I've come to feel that dating is a game that I don't really want to be a part of. As I said, I'm a person that likes to share her narrative. I want to know the inner working and fabric of as many souls as God sees fit to bring me in contact with, but none more than my husband. I want our narratives to intertwine with one another until the stories flow so smoothly in and out through one another that you can't tell where one begins and one ends. I've learned that I don't want a fairytale, but something real, substantial, and yes, even magical.

I have been called many things and asked many things from being neive, why didn't you ever date? - in a very shocked tone, crazy...I've had anger spewed forth at me, and I've felt a lot of confusion. It isn't like I'm some sub-human. I do have feelings and desires, and my own sins that has bled through the white linen of my purity...OH I HAVE STAINS, yes indeed!

I've asked God so many times why He has placed me on this path and journey...in many ways I'm afraid of commitment...I know God is going to have to send someone in my life who is very patient with me...allows me to grow...and expands the relationship accordingly...every love story that inspires me, whether it be through books like Jane Eyre or Redeeming Love, or movies like Love Comes Softly or the Magic of Ordinary Days these stories that resonate so deeply within my heart are all about these great amazing men (most of a Great God) allowing there love to spill over and through these women, enveloping them in it, wooing them to them, gently and fully, never wavering, always showing Christ's love in and through their actions, until one moment it has become such a true part of the woman's heart that they can't break away from it or deny it. These things resonate with me through the Savior...I see Him wooing me...I see how His heart for me...His desire is for me!

I also have to be willing to sacrifice and yield, give myself over to that love. I can't just ask what can he, my husband, do for me, but what is it that I can do for him? Because if I'm only using him for what he can do for me then that is truly a one-ended relationship that will drain him dry and leave me hollow. I have to willing to sacrifice...and always first and foremost devote my heart completely to the SACRED ROMANCE between the Saviour and myself above all others.
I'm learning to wait with anticpation and expectation for that day when God reveals my helpmate, and until that moment I will remain content in my singleness, knowing that I still have to learn to fall more in love with the Savior, that He still needs me on my own, and being utterly content with that. I trust in Him, He will give me the desires of my heart...so until that meeting I keep a journal for my husband, and when we wed I will give them to him...

I still have not figured out why I've shared this. It has been weighing on my heart for sometime though, and some of these things, no matter how many ways I try to articulate them will never ever be able to be fully expressed through words...

I pray that the Lord in some fashion speaks through my story...

If you are interested look at my list of what I hope for in a helpmate...I am still discussing these things with the Lord, and Kat made me think with her list that I truly have to give him over to God, completely...I'm working on a revision of this list on my Personal and Career Goals, but here is my initial list...which is fairly accurate...I think...


I also wrote a piece of fiction about the union of marriage that you might be interested in as well...


You can also take a look at my somewhat heated and passionate entry on Passion and Purity...I must warn you it is passionate and holds nothing back, I let my real emotions spill forth, and I know that not everyone can or should agree with them, but I do not apologize for them...


May God Bless you all!
In Him!


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