Childhood Memories

Five things I miss from childhood (in no particular order):

1. Probably the childhood thing I miss most is camping...there is nothing better! Swimming in the lake, boat rides, smokey campfires, fresh popcorn cooked over an open fire, getting up early, hiking, hay rides, exploring, ghost stories, family, endless days, and wonderful folklore swirling around and about, contentment, food, joy, laughter...I miss those moments so dearly!

2. Summer...I mean summer days when you were a kid seemed like they lasted was a never ending day of fun! Swimming, riding bikes, catchin lightning bugs, rollie pollies (hope you guys know what those are), vacations, fresh lemonade, delicious watermelon eaten right off the rine (faces all squishy and messy), Vacation Bible School, Thunderstorms, Birthdays (mine and my baby sister's b-day are in August), NO SCHOOL, no responsibilty but to have fun and explore and soak up some sweet sunshine.

3. Imagination...I still have one of the biggest imaginations around, my mind is always swimming with them, but I can't actually act on a lot of them anymore...I mean my sisters and I used to play fort on a really windy day, when the wadding pool was propped up against the fence (that was our fort) and we would have to go out in the horrible storm to bring back berries and and wood for a fire...thank goodness my grandmother lived next door with a whole assortment of trees to derive sustance from...we might never have made it otherwise...or building forts inside the house, or creating a haunted mansion out of some sheets, grapes, and darkness...playing doctor (we had the best doctors kit around)...I used to want to be a doctor...(we would also take sandwich bags and fill them with water, cut a tiny hole in them connect them with a straw, and tape them to the patience are as an IV)...did I mention I have an endless wealth of Imagination! I miss believing in Santa Claus, and the wonder that Christmas brought.

4. Time...I miss how slow time went. I miss the endless days of summer and how Christmas and my birthday felt like forever to get here. I miss 5 minutes feeling like 5 hours. Time just goes by so fast now, and it's hard to slow down when thing are hurtling around you at a 100 miles an hour...I think I might miss that most.

5. Christmas...there was nothing like Christmas as a child...NOTHING! I miss decorating the tree with my aunt, I miss the Sour Cream cookies that my Grandmother used to make, I miss my Great Grandmother's stories, I miss my sisters and I straining to hear the bells and huffs of reindeer and swearing that we heard them...I remember hearing them!...Just the magic and journey that has somehow been lost through age and commercialism!

Oh I'm sure I could list about a hundred more, but for now that's all I'll give ya~

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daisymarie said…
Is there another Tina, or do you mean me?
Melissa said…
I mean you!
Jessica said…
Hi Melissa! I so agree about missing those things about childhood. I do to. I have been thinking about that of late. Wondering why all those wonderful things seems to disapear once a human passes age 15! It's just not right!
Melissa said…
Jessica, no it is just not right...I sometimes can get really caught up in Nostalgia...getting lost in old movies and the makes it hard sometimes to live in the present, but I'm grateful for all my experiences and treasure them in my heart...I try to keep the mindset of an 8 year old most days :)

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