The Diva and the Rocker Chick!

My beautiful and glorious sisters, what an amazing creation each of them are. I don’t know what I did to deserve them, or why God, in His wisdom, saw fit to grace my life with them. All I know is that I am blessed by this miracle everyday. We grew up close and we have always been close. Oh, there have been fights, and rough dark patches, but they are literally the closest individuals in my life. They know and love me no matter what I do, and over these last several years I watched each of us begin to take meaningful and life-full journeys. It is beyond me why we have grown in the midst of the very grace of God. We have forged our relationship through fire, tears, laughter, and joy. I know without a doubt that someone has been praying for us even before we were born. My only hope is that when we reach the other side of Heaven we will have the opportunity to embrace and thank this person. My sisters have grown into amazing women, and amazing women of a Great God. They know their Maker, and serve Him whole heartedly. They are passionate, deep, thoughtful, and full of sass.

The Diva, my beautiful and amazing middle sister is literally one of the cutest most adorable people on the planet. She isn’t only thin, blonde, and spunky, but the things that she does and her mannerisms are so adorable that you could just spit. I have never met another human being quite like her. My little sister and I often talk about the man she will marry, and how we know that he will often just look at her and admire her adorable and perfect little quirks. She is also full of sass and determination. She was a flower waiting to bloom and when she moved to Nashville many years back she began to blossom into a sassy, opinionated, passionate, full, complete woman. You are not going to take anything off this little bit. She is pure diva (this is a complete term of endearment.) She is complete in Christ, and one of the more complete women I know. She has a voice like velvet and an amazing talent that God is going to use in a mighty way. She is just incredible.

The Rocker Chick, an old soul from the very start, she is unique and full and complete as Ms. Diva. She has always walked to the beat of a different drum. She is full on, and came out of the womb with formed opinions, and little fear of expressing them. She is a leader. Her heart if full of the truth of the Lord and she holds the Word of the Lord deep in her heart. She never backs down. She never gives up. Her music tastes are as unique and brilliant as she is. She loves funky hair and vintage rocker glam clothes. Her style is simple, elegant, and beautiful. She has a very angelic face and a brilliant presence about her. Under the tough exterior is a heart that beats with great love for those in need. I have read letters from her that would literally bring you to tears. She has a great knack for encouragement. She lives as a free spirit, and God created her the way she is from the beginning. She is called to greatness, and that is her pursuit. She again is an old soul in a young body, and like any rocker, it is sometimes a struggle for her. She is one of the other most complete people I know.

These women are full in spirit, worth, and value. I often don’t think that either of them sees that complete value. It is there though, beautiful and pearl like. They have sacrificed to bloom, even though the cost was great. They are spreading their wings and soaring. I KNOW that God is taking them to the destiny they were meant to live. I love them sooo much. Thank you Jesus for my sisters.


Pilot Mom said…
Melissa, I know exactly what you mean. My sister and I are extremely close, and she is nine yrs (well, 8.5 yrs) older than me. Every day I praise the Lord for her. I cannot imagine life without her, even though she lives in Ohio and I in Utah. Honest to goodness, I cannot remember a fight, oops...I take that back. When I was a little tyke and we were visiting our grandma, we were told to vacumn and dust while everyone was gone. I wanted to vacumn because I never got to vacumn and I ALWAYS seemed to dust. She wouldn't let me and I threatened to run away. I gathered my stuff and took off out the back door and my sister came out on the back porch and waved me off. My grandma's house was on a very busy street and I can remember thinking to myself that my sister better call me back before I reached the street or else she was going to be in BIG trouble if I got hit on that busy road. LOL. I don't remember if she called or not...if she had even 'coughed' I would have turned and fled back to her...and I did...I just can't remember why I went running back to a great big hug! :)

We are blessed by our precious Lord for the good relationship with our sisters. So many, even Christians, today are not necessarily that close. That saddens me.
Becca said…
Wow... they sound really awesome! I want to go get coffee with all three of you, for sure!


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